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2023 OF Board of Education

2023 Olmsted Falls Board of Education

Pictured (L to R):  Board President Holly Neumann, Board Vice President Phil Eckenrode, Board Member Jodi DeMarco, Board Member Justin Funk, and Board Member Kelly Walker



Olmsted Falls Board of Education meeting schedules, agendas and policy information are now accessible online with BoardDocs®.

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The Olmsted Falls Board of Education is a five person elected body that sets policy for the Olmsted Falls City School District. The role of the Board of Education and Administration is to provide educational leadership in the community. The Board and Administration work together with the staff and residents to create programs that effectively prepare students for their future beyond high school; provide a satisfying and safe workplace; and maintain fiscal responsibility for the District. 

The Olmsted Falls Board of Education has established the following Guiding Principles.

The Olmsted Falls Board of Education will:

1. First and foremost, strive to provide for a comprehensive “student experience” that prepares students academically and that builds in them a skill set that will provide them with the tools they need to succeed (critical thinking, communication, organization) during their school years and beyond.

2. Be balanced in approaching its objectives to ensure that Olmsted Falls School District is continuously focused on maintaining and improving, in the most efficient way possible, its level of excellence as a “Triple A” school district (Academics/Athletics/Arts).

 3. Always communicate in an open and honest manner with each other, and with administrators, staff, students, parents and community members.

4. Demonstrate mutual respect, trust and understanding.

5. Participate in collaborative decision-making.

6. Ensure decisions are data-driven and that due diligence is done to gather all information.

7. Seek to continuously improve district operations to maximize efficiency and encourage innovation.


Policies set by the Board of Education are driven by State law and community needs and help guide the Board’s decision-making safely through the changing educational landscape. Policies set by the Board are implemented on a daily basis by the administrators and staff. The District Policy Manual is accessible by clicking on the "Policies" tab located in the upper right corner on our Board Docs®

The Board of Education is also responsible for the hiring and performance of two positions: Superintendent of Schools and Treasurer. Annual planning sessions result in the setting of district and individual performance objectives. Annual reviews are conducted.

Board meetings are held in the public. The meetings are usually held on the third Thursday of each month at a location posted on the District website, at the Board Offices (located at 26937 Bagley Road in Olmsted Falls, OH, 44138), as well as in the local newspaper. In addition the Board sponsors public forums on various topics like school funding and curriculum.


7:00 PM
Board Work Session - High School - Room 606
7:00 PM
Board Regular Meeting - High School - Room 606
7:00 PM
Board Work Session - High School - Room 606
7:00 PM
Board Regular Meeting - High School - Room 606
7:00 PM
Board Work Session - High School - Room 606
7:00 PM
Board Regular Meeting - High School - Room 606


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